1. Spark


Beautiful mother holds to her heart
A love for another to be shared in part
Embracing the heartache a father mourns
Their life is eventful but still he has sworn

That the miracle so old, will be the child within her womb
And he'll hold her in his arms, never be there harm

For years were unable, the times they were told
That faith is worth keeping and faith kept them whole
Resigned from the madness, anxiety and pills
Their lives will forever be unfulfilled

And the being of their own, would be dreams and nothing more
And it dragged them down to size, but they kept their hopes alive

But life was a fool this time


There are times when one wishes, with screams and with tears
When all that was needed was a whisper that's heard

So the miracle so old, was the spark that became her soul
And their dream that would never part, is now the song within their hearts
And the perfect lullaby, to the life they leave behind

Life is perfect sometimes.