"SPARK": New song released March 30, 2023. Available on all streaming platforms.

Harmonia Axyridis...look it up.

As a duo, Harmonia Axyridis is intimate, personal, connected. From the minds of Thaila Riden, rhythm extraordinaire, and Martin Lacelle, fiddler of words and baritone melodies, the band creates textures...moods. Subtle and edgy, their style of rock, folk and many things in between are laced with guitar driven punches and harmonies. The sounds invade, stick and take over (as our band's namesake aptly suggests...) 

As we get older, we gradually understand that life's too short to not create music...

Check out our Youtube channel, including live versions of works in progress and cover tunes.

Our singles are out on all streaming platforms, including "Why Father" under the band name Harmonia Axyridis and "Repères" (français) and "Slow Down" under Martin Lacelle.




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